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Beaver Creek Kennels
Specializing in health, happy, quality pure bred puppies
720 Griffin Road
Mason, TN 38049

Bob Whitworth - Owner
email: bgw92143@yahoo.com

We are located just 35 miles northeast of Memphis.

Located  in rural Tipton County, Mason, TN  Bob and his trusty companion.

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About Beaver Creek Kennels

We can send pictures of our current puppies at any time, just drop us an email.

Short Legged, Smooth Coat Jack Russell Terrier

We, at Beaver Creek Kennels, have bred purebred puppies for over 30 years. As a retired County Agricultural Extension Agent, I want to breed only the best possible puppies. Puppies that are a credit to their breed with excellent temperments and beauty, great family dogs and companions. We strive for the best.

We have only a few outstanding females of each breed that comprise our breeding stock. We choose parents very carefully. We want all our puppies to be strong and healthy.

Rest assured, we are no puppy mill. We take great pride and care of all our puppies and mothers. We don't have every breed available all the time.

Please take a few minutes to look around our site.

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